Friday, 12 May 2017


The latest volume of Patrick O'Brien's Grand Prix Rating System is now available: the 2014-2016 Season Summaries:

The final volume that Patrick completed before his death in March 2017, this brings his Rating System series up to 15 volumes in total:
  • 14 volumes, one for each decade of motor racing 1894-2016, with the last decade divided into two volumes 2010-2013 and 2014-2016. The aim was to combine these shorter volumes into one book when the end of the decade had been reached (2010-2019). In the light of Patrick's untimely death, I will leave the latest seasons as two separate, smaller volumes. These 14 volumes constitute the 'Findings' of his thesis. 
  • 1 volume explaining his rating methodology, titled 'Explanatory Chapters'. Published online in December 2016, this volume is formatted as a dissertation: Chapter 1 - Introducing the problem; Chapter 2 - Literature review; Chapter 3 - Methodology, including a step-by-step guide to replicating his ratings in a chapter appendix; Chapter 4 - the Findings (the 14 volumes enumerated above); Chapter 5 - Conclusion, which discusses the replicability of his ratings.
The 2014-2016 Season Summaries is 42 pages, soft-cover bound and available now online here.

~ Catherine

A section entitled ‘Guidelines for interpreting my Rating System’ is included in all books which briefly explains my System.

Each season is in three sections, Package, Driver and Car, with the whole field rated and tabulated, and text discussing mainly the winners and the front-runners. My own illustrations are used, and reflect a spread of competitors for each season.

For those who are interested further, additional explanations can be found here: