Sunday, 7 August 2016

Letters from Grand Prix personalities

My wife and I met Paul Frere at East London in December 1994 when selling my 1994 book there. He won the 1960 South Africa Grand Prix as well as le Mans for Ferrari. He drove for the Ferrari GP team when Fangio was there, and finished second in the 1956 Belgian Grand Prix! A nicer person one could not meet and low key like his letterhead, good taste all round. I took him for a nighttime drive around Johannesburg in our 159 Alfa Romeo and explained some history, showed him the Munro Drive view. Jolly pleased I did not crunch a gear-change!

Paul Frere note in Belgian GP book, 1994.

 Paul Frere's  inscribed book a sent to me January 1995.

Letter found by me in an old copy of Gerald Rose's 'A Record of Motor Racing: 1894–1908', published by the Royal Automobile Club, 1909; re-published 1949 by Motor Racing Publication.