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Having published most of my findings, one volume for each decade (1894-2013), I have now published my thesis explaining my Rating System. Titled 'Explanatory Chapters', this soft-cover 188-page book is available from Click on the following link for a preview or to buy:

Patrick O’Brien’s Grand Prix Rating System: Explanatory Chapters 1894-2013
By Patrick O'Brien
Paperback, 188 Pages           

The 2013 Formula One season was dominated by the Vettel/ Red Bull-Renault package, which won 13 of the 19 races. Many reckon that Vettel is one of the great drivers. Some however argue that Vettel was fortunate in having the fastest car, the Red Bull-Renault. Just how good was Vettel compared with his peers? This publication compares grand prix and Formula One drivers, cars and packages in simple arithmetic terms. For the first time the driver has been separated from the car and each is expressed as separate performance elements that make up the performance package. Just how much current four-time champion Vettel contributes to the Red Bull-Renault’s recent dominance is explained and quantified. The author’s analysis starts from the first car race in 1894, from Paris to Rouen, and includes over 1,200 grand prix races. The Patrick O’Brien Grand Prix Rating System is divided into 13 volumes, one for each decade since racing’s inception in 1894. This is a fourteenth book, presenting my methodology.


Review on Planet F1 by pokerman , 26 Jan 2017.
Post subject: Re: Greatest Formula 1 driver,

"...I have to respect the amount of work you put into your system and it seems to be totally without bias which is to be commended."

Review on Planet F1 by Lotus49, 6 Mar 2017.
Post subject: Re: Underdog winners,

"... performing in 'two stages' during 2012 makes sense, looking at my race-by-race running average figures. :thumbup: It's an aspect of your ratings I enjoy that you incorporate both car and driver as a package as well as individually. We're usually on the same page, with the odd exception of course, ..."


The beauty of his 'Explanatory Chapters' for me is that he (1) corrects some cognitive errors in thinking about Grand Prix racing; (2) digs out abstruse historical facts and uncovers historical patterns; (3) brings alive every single theoretical point with a living example from motor racing (and I'm not even interested in the sport!).
~ Catherine O'Brien

I started by the “end”, as my first book is the “Explanatory Chapters”. Patrick explained perfectly my exact thoughts on all the “greatest ever” or “top xxx drivers” rankings I ever read or heard about - always biased, based on personal opinions or only in pure statistics, etc. Your words on the book says it all. His work is amazing as he is able to 1) detach the personal bias towards a driver/team and to only consider a driver’ pure speed based on track times 2) and the “trick”, as he well explained it, is that one can never rely 100% on raw numbers or statistics. Being able to put this two facts together is astonishing and a work which I never thought someone would be able to produce for Grand Prix racing (I am not only a Grand Prix fan but I am also passionate for statistics). His knowledge is unbelievable.

I am sure that in the near future even more success and recognition on Patrick’s work will come naturally - and from there to publishing in other languages and ebooks it’s just a small step. (myself, I am already a great advertiser of Patrick’s work)

~ Nuno Moreira, 27 April 2017.

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I put more stock in Patrick O'Brien's assessments.

I still miss you Patrick, RIP my friend.

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Blinky McSquinty wrote:(click to hide)
I put more stock in Patrick O'Brien's assessments.

I still miss you Patrick, RIP my friend.

I was also going to say Patrick's ratings are still the best by far. He worked on his formula for so long, taking driver, car and overall package into account from their entire f1 career.

Always loved his posts and discussions and echo your sentiments.