Tuesday, 4 February 2014


After 12 years of development and refinement from its 2002 inception, my Rating System is being published. I have started with the Formula One era, 1950-2013, and divided it into decades for practical purposes. 

Each ten-year period will be published separately. The seventh decade (2010-2013) is now available – see ‘Buy my Rating System’ above or click on the link below:

The second book contains the 2010-2013 seasons, is 50 pages, soft-cover bound and available now online here:

The first book contains the 2000-2009 seasons, is 80 pages, soft-cover bound and available now online here:

A section entitled ‘Guidelines for interpreting my Rating System’ is included in both books which briefly explains my System.

Each season is in three sections, Package, Driver and Car, with the whole field rated and tabulated, and text discussing mainly the winners and the front-runners. My own illustrations are used, and do not necessarily show the fastest, top ranked competitors, but rather a spread for each season. 

For those who are interested further, additional explanations can be found here: