Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Further Analysis 1894 – 2016

The 16th volume of the Patrick O'Brien Rating System is available:


This book follows on from my ‘Explanatory Chapters’ (1894-2013), released online in December 2016. It contains descriptive statistics on Packages, Drivers and Cars. Part 1 pertains to packages (Chapter 1); Part 2 to drivers (Chapters 2-5); Part 3 to cars (Chapters 6-8). Part 4 contains my Six Criteria for Driver Dominance 1950-2016 (Chapter 9). The final section (Chapter 10) lists the 310 races that formed the database for my 1894-1949 analysis (the ‘blue-green’ books in my Rating System).

The 2013 Formula One season was dominated by the Vettel/ Red Bull-Renault package, which won 13 of the 19 races. Many reckon that Vettel is one of the great drivers. Some however argue that Vettel was fortunate in having the fastest car, the Red Bull-Renault. Just how good was Vettel compared with his peers? This publication compares grand prix and Formula One drivers, cars and packages in simple arithmetic terms. For the first time the driver has been separated from the car and each is expressed as separate performance elements that make up the performance package. Just how much current four-time champion Vettel contributes to the Red Bull-Renault’s recent dominance is explained and quantified. The author’s analysis starts from the first car race in 1894, from Paris to Rouen, and includes over 1,200 grand prix races. The Patrick O’Brien Grand Prix Rating System is divided into 13 volumes, one for each decade since racing’s inception in 1894. This volume contains my six criteria for driver dominance.



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