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The Ratings data are updated after each race, and running totals calculated. Definitive ratings are most accurate as season averages. The developing pattern after the sixth race is summarised below. The figure 100.0 is fastest, slower numbers increasing thereafter as 100.1, 100.2 and so on. The numbers can be taken as factors, as percentages or as lap times based on 100.0 seconds as the fastest.


After six races,the McLaren-Mercedes has improved to within 0.3 secs/lap of the Red Bull-Renault; Ferrari remains at 0.9 secs/lap adrift. Next up are Renault at 1.0 second, Sauber-Ferrari 1.1 and Mercedes 1.2 seconds per lap.

What is amazing is the race pace that Alonso is getting! In 2009 when he was struggling in a slow Renault (rated 100.9), he managed so many, daring overtaking moves. This when Kimi Raikkonen, in a far faster Ferrari (rated 100.5) reckoned ‘you just can’t overtake today.’ and quite often sat behind another competitor for laps on end.  Fernando’s last two starts of 2011, Spain and Monaco, are indicative of his great competitiveness.


As a package, Hamilton/McLaren-Mercedes at 100.3 is second to Vettel/Red Bull-Renault and faster than Webber/Red Bull-Renault!  Webber/Red Bull and the evergreen Button/McLaren tie for third best on 100.5. Alonso/Ferrari rates at a whopping 100.9 ,as a season average so far! Interestingly Massa/Ferrari and Rosberg/Mercedes are close on 101.2 and 101.3 respectively. The improving Michael Schumacher/Mercedes is next at 101.5, with the Heidfeld, Petrov Renaults and Kobayashi’s Sauber all on 101,6. The Toro-Rossos and Force Indias are bracketed at 102.2 to 102.6, with outstanding rookie di Resta slightly faster than Sutil. We are talking one-hundredths of a second here.


Driverwise Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel still rate equal fastest at 100.0. Rosberg is next and very close at 100.1, Button at his best ever of 100.2. Massa and Schumacher share 100.4. Kobayashi improves to 100.5, up with Webber and Barrichello.

The next group on 100.6 comprise Petrov, Heidfeld, di Resta, Kovalainen and Glock. Sutil and Buemi are on  100.7, while Trulli  drops to 100.9, tied with Alguersuari; Liuzzi remains on 100.8. The other rookies this season have all been so impressive: Maldonado on 100.8, Perez and older rookie Karthikeyan on 101.1 and d’Ambrosio at a creditable 101.3. Considering the lack of testing available, these first season ratings are remarkable.

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